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Building a flexible design system that makes brand consistency effortless


Imperfect Foods delivers groceries on a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone.




Imperfect's email design was fragmented, and our teams lacked a shared understanding of the process. So, we built an email design system that streamlined the design and development process, guaranteeing brand consistency throughout the customer journey.





Imperfect’s email design was disjointed, lacked consistency, and was partially outdated. Our teams lacked a shared foundation around process, language, guidelines, and brand design. This created process inefficiencies for each team, as well as disjointed emails and inconsistencies within our overall customer experience.


Build a single source of truth for teams that simplifies the design, testing, and development process, and ensures consistency across the customer journey.

Before Design System.png

Getting started

We created a comprehensive map of the customer journey and reviewed all our emails to determine the requirements for our new design system. We ultimately decided on several Atoms, Molecules, Organisms, and Templates.

EDS_Getting Started.png

Finding the right tool

The current process of designing emails ad hoc with Adobe Illustrator was resulting in a feedback bottleneck. We needed a tool where designers, marketers, and developers could easily collaborate.

Enter Figma—with components, assets libraries, text styles, auto-layout, spell check, comments, and more.


Building the design system

We developed a library of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be easily assembled to create cohesive and branded emails.

To ensure that components are consistent across every customer touchpoint, we created the new Email Design System alongside the Product, Landing Page, and Social Design Systems.

EDS_Design Systems.png

Using the design system

Instead of starting from scratch, our designers and developers have everything they need to build any email.

In addition to living in the Figma Asset Library, the new modules were developed, QA’ed, and saved as reusable HTML/CSS code blocks. This saves a lot of time in the development and QA process because the blocks can be easily plugged into an email.

EDS_Using the. system.png


The Email Design System changed the game for our teams in four key areas.

❤️ Improved cross-functional team communication

With a source of truth, shared naming conventions, and reusable modules, our teams are always on the same page from kick off to development.

🎉 Reduced design and development workload by 70%

Thanks to the system’s prebuilt design and code library our designers and developers can now create, build, make decisions, and test emails much faster.

🌎 Ensure a cohesive customer experience

Predefined modules built using shared atoms across the Email, Product, and Landing Page Systems make it a breeze to maintain visual brand consistency.

👁️ Prioritized accessibility and usability

We improved the overall accessibility and usability of our emails by making them mobile responsive and darkmode friendly, ensuring ADA compliant color contrasts for those with color blindness, and using live text which makes it easier for people using screen readers.



Sara Utz, Lead Designer
Tay Gmahling, Designer
Carey Brown, Senior Manager Marketing Ops
Kat Tsukuda, Marketing Ops

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