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Engaging potential customers by telling our brand story in new ways

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Imperfect Foods delivers groceries on a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone.


December 2022


I designed three new emails to introduce Imperfect Foods to potential customers, highlighting the environmental impact they could have by choosing to shop with us.





Imperfect’s current abandon emails emphasize how the service works and what we sell. My objective was to design three new emails departing from our current content and formats by shifting the focus from how it works to the impact folks can make by choosing to shop with us.


My main objective was to increase engagement and click-through rates. Additionally, I sought to gain insights on what tactics yield the best conversion rates by testing new content and design formats.

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What does imperfect mean, anyway?


Design an email that educates prospects about what imperfect means and drives them to click through to learn more about Imperfect Foods.


We hear from customers that they don’t know what imperfect actually means when it comes to our food. In addition, they are concerned that Imperfect selling the food prevents it from getting donated.


To address customer concerns and encourage engagement, I implemented the following strategies:

  • Emphasized a successful food rescue story

  • Showcased and celebrated both the product and customer using UGC photography

  • Incorporated illustrations to enhance the narrative and add a touch of delight

  • Used color blocking to visually separate the story from the brand messaging and calls-to-action

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Packaging is a problem—but we’ve got solutions.


Design an email that educates prospects about packaging waste and drives them to click through to learn more about Imperfect’s Packaging Return Program.


To educate prospects and boost clicks, I employed the following strategies:

  • Utilized a trivia format to make learning about a heavy topic more approachable and easy to digest

  • Increased visual interest and provided further clarity by incorporating custom brand illustrations

  • Clearly defined areas of information using color blocking and organic shapes


How does shopping with Imperfect make a difference?


Design an email that informs customers how they can make an impact and drives them to click through to learn more about Imperfect Foods environmental impact.


After experimenting with various content formats with our lapsed customers, we found that personal letters written by a member of our team generate high levels of engagement.


Drawing from past experience, I planned to engage prospects in a conversation by implementing the following strategies:

  • Personalized the company by putting a friendly and expert face behind the discussion

  • Adopted a familiar Q&A format with more text than our usual emails

  • Added some small, delightful branded elements and bright, cheerful colors to make the topic more approachable

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Tay Gmahling, Designer
Ali Weeks, Copy Writer
Karen Satchwell, Lifecycle Marketing Manager

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